Breeze offers cloud-based and data-driven environmental sensor networks that generate actionable insights to help improve human health and productivity.

As their MVP, Breeze developed air quality sensors. Breeze streams data gathered from these sensors into a centralized cloud solution and uses smart algorithms to generate actionable insights about buildings, cities and communities. Together with partners, Breeze can help create a healthier workspace and environment. Breeze also has a marketplace where it can direct its customers to purchase products based on the insights generated. Breeze is currently offered in Germany but has plans to expand into Asia and the rest of Europe over the next year.

Founding Team

Robert Heinecke - CEO at Breeze Robert Heinecke, CEO

Sascha Kuntze - CTO at Breeze Sascha Kuntze, CTO

Jan Jan Rübbelke, Head of Embedded Electronics

Hub Hamburg



Hoheluftchaussee 45
20253 Hamburg

Robert Heinecke, Sascha Kuntze und Jan Rübbelke GbR

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