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EdQu is an education technology startup based in Stockholm. The company offers a service mainly targeted at teachers and principals, which allows them to follow students’ results continuously throughout the year.

The service receives its data from students completing digital, adaptive tests in school subjects. This means that the problems posed to the student are continuously adapted to the student’s individual skill levels. The system evaluates answers and continuously pulls new questions from EdQu’s proprietary database.

Once students have completed a test, the results are immediately available to both teachers and principals.

The system provides these users with a helpful and intuitive interface that allows for fast analysis and aids in decision-making. Decisions in schools no longer have to be made based on hearsay or loosely related data; instead, a complete fact base on students’ learning becomes available to decision-makers.

EdQu 1.0 is currently being marketed in Sweden, but in order to further develop the adaptivity and visualization of results, the company decided to apply to SpeedUP! Europe. The second version of the service will be made publicly available later during 2015.


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