Family Farming

Have you ever tried to grow your own vegetables? You could not bother or already failed? We give people the opportunity to grow their own food, even if they have limited time, space or experience, as it is often the case in urban areas. Although urbanization has caused many people to live without direct contact to agriculture, many citizens set high value in healthy food, and they are aware of the importance of sustainable and organic cultivation. The Family Farming application approaches this task by a combination of a smart raised-bed gardening box, called the Agrarium, with a wireless web and mobile application that guides the user to a successful harvest. Sensors within the Agrarium provide data about temperature, luminosity or nutritional value which are evaluated and illustrated by selected FIWARE software solutions. Our project guarantees a successful farming experience to people who wish to produce their own food and helps to re-establish an awareness not only for the importance of sustainable food but also for the complex challenge of urban agriculture.


family_Patrick HargensPatrick Hargens

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Family Farming