GeoInfo4Kids is a web based geographical information system. It helps citizens to make better use of their city. Parents, grandparents, teachers and children can use it for finding places of interest like playgrounds, public swimming pools, recreation areas, museums, forests, beaches, events etc. The information will be enriched with data from different sources like weather, public transport information, opening hours and other useful side facts.

GeoInfo4Kids enables users to share their own favourite places as well as to comment. They can add descriptions, photos and videos. This keeps the system alive and up to date. GeoInfo4Kids helps users to plan their day trips and find interesting places nearby.

Furthermore GeoInfo4Kids enables people to communicate to each other within a group of friends and to make appointments. You can share your location to a defined set of people and allow them to to join you on the playground.


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Frieder Paul

Horst Mudlaff

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