The team composition can be described as a perfect match to the projects objectives, which are namely the technical development, social bonding and finally business skyrocketing, needed to fullfil the OEEX mission: Giving a face to energy and empowering people to consume the energy they trust in. With a strong focus on technical abilities, there are three members – Jochen, Tobias and Marco – which are able to develop and evaluate technical processes, approaches and propositions. All of them feature experiences in web technologies and distributed systems and their underyling communication. With different backgrounds, ranging from the built-up of small to medium sized enterprises, up to the engagement and leading of multinational large-volume public projects – the team features experiences in a wide range of different enterprise structures and cultures. As the social engineering component, regarding marketing, sales and social media communication is of high importance in the project, Maike will act as the dooropener in many situations, playing a central role in all processes including external communications. When it comes to explaining technical facts and business models to less tech-savvy or entrepreneurial minded project partners, Maike is in her metier.


oeex_Tobias LinnenbergTobias Linnenberg

oeex_Marco BorghesiMarco Borghesi

oeex_Jochen LeibrichJochen Leibrich

oeex_Maike AbelMaike Abel

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