The project aims at producing a significant energy saving in public and private outdoor illumination. Nowadays, in the night-time cities are constantly illuminated by street lighting; from dusk till dawn, public and private lights enlighten streets, public gardens, parking, industries, etc. despite people actually spend time there. This results in a huge waste of energy due to the fact that during the night most of the time outdoor public and private places have very low frequency of human activities. This is especially true in suburban areas located at the edge of cities and in the country side where most of the social activities happen during the day.

The goal of the project is to support a novel smart real-time lighting product, illuminating locations only if actually required. To this purpose, our product will recognize basic human activities, e.g., people walking, bike riding, and car driving, to dynamically change street lighting on/off status and intensity to fulfil the light needs. For instance, people crossing a street may require intense localized lighting to allow approaching cars to spot people in advance while bike riders could benefit from intense lighting where they currently are and soft lighting along the street in the direction of bikes.


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