Reshin is an online service to visualize arbitrary, poten­tially big data in a browser. The major objective of Reshin is to offer easy data analysis and monitoring tools to everyone.

Reshin allows users to create interactive visualizations to explore data and to create dashboards to monitor data input streams continuously. Dashboards and visuali­zations can be kept private, can be made available to distinct users or can be made public under a permanent URL.

Data can be uploaded manually as individual data sets or data can be continuously fetched from input streams like logfiles, shop statistics, IOT sensor data. All data sources can be managed online in the browser, editing or augmentation can be done with a few mouse clicks.
It also can be used for rapid business model prototyping in big data environments.

Reshin is based on Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, aka the “ELK”-Stack, and adds management capabilities to ELK.


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