Our vision is to have lean 3D printing factories all over Europe. Therefore we design the software and infrastructure to manage a whole farm of large scale 3D printers. We build large scale 3D printers and with FIWARE, we will manage the control of the printer farm.

The management dashboard provides an overview of the printing farm, shows status information for each device, monitors print processes and reacts automatically on pre-defined events. It is fully integrated with the business ERP system, which manages customer records, communication and billing, order management and resource scheduling.

The whole system has event  based behavior. With FIWARE we can implement this system in a short amount of time and use the powerful resources of FIWARE Generic Enablers. Our 3D printing technology is open source. So in addition to our fast developers we have the large community of FIWARE developers and 3D printing enthusiasts which drive development at an enormous speed, keeping us always top of the edge.

You name it. We print it.


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