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Yavango is a Travel Consulting Platform, that features a next generation Video Conferencing Interface , that is highly customizable and streamlined towards the travel consulting process. If a Customer wishes to travel to South Africa for a Safari, he or she will be able to find matching travel businesses / experts in real time through the yavango search function. Just connect to the right travel expert and start the video conference. From initial contact, to assigment management and placement of the order to book the vacation.

The whole, classic consulting process is transfered from the offline into the online world. In the future, consulting will be done, or enhanced, by high quality, intuitive and interactive video conferences.Customers reduce search costs to find matching travel experts. Travel businesses on the other hand receive a new online distribution channel, where they can easily connect to new Customers and even provide their Service in other regions.

Travel Agencies can also enhance their Service Quality by seamless integration of the yavango Consulting Interface into their existing processes. Customers might start the consulting process process in person, in the Travel Agency, and finish the process at home. There will be no media breaks anymore. It’s all about seamless integration of Online and Offline consulting processes on one, simple to use platform.

The Team

fivisual_Arjuna MittwedeArjuna Mittwede

fivisual_Florian DimundoFlorian Dimundo

Lars Krafft

Hub Hamburg


Gaußstraße 136
22765 Hamburg



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