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Activating crowds and connecting them with experts and organizations is a key success factor of produc-tivity in all fields but especially in the fairly new active-tion field of the oceans. The German Ocean Foundation will enforce the existing capacities of activist and organizations within the EU by providing access to those who are willing to assist and donate free time. For this we will develop the time donation app “CharyTime” with which you can donate time for local projects or for digital support of organizations they want to support.

Smart cities have to activate their inhabitants to do more for the environment in their region. Those people have become less active in engaging in politics and volunteer work. When our team of experts gathered last year we combined the existing idea of establishing the German Ocean Foundation with the grassroots activation idea. Our concept was met with great enthusiasm and support. Donations were announced by sponsors such as Frank Otto (member of the OTTO family) or Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Hartmut Graßl (former member of the Advisory Council on Global Change to the German Government)


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