LuminGo-Smart Back-up

In developing countries, unreliable grids and power generations generate frequent power outages when the power production does not meet the demand.

Our Smart Grid system integrates individual back-up power in the overall grid management, offering a new level of control to the grid operator. The system architecture includes:

  • A network of Smart Batteries installed at customers’ premises which are loaded during off-peak periods. The battery will serve as a back-up providing electricity during peak hours and during power outages.
  • A Monitoring System based on individual meters and control systems (Power Management Units) sending and receiving information via GSM network to a firewall.
  • A Grid Management Software gives to the grid operator new possibilities to manage the grid by monitoring the state of the batteries and controlling the power supply of individual consumers.

The software includes a Power Outage Management function that enables the grid operators to instantly detect and locate power outages on the low voltage lines.
Our Grid Management software will be used by electricity distribution companies as an additional layer of control to the existing SCADA system.


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