Our target is on developing a notification and information function (NIF) which measures the movement of e. g. packages or the change of object conditions to inform its owners and to give them the possibility to steer the system in a way they want: The user can determine, who will be informed in what way. The NIF can be used as stand alone device for different household appliances, like our package box, in the Smart Home and Smart Cities context.

The NIF will be used for three different kind of use cases: First of all for products like our package box (B2C), second as an after-market equipment for owners of letter- and package boxes (B2C) and other suppliers of letter- and package boxes (B2B), and third for service providers, using the IT-based platform of the NIF-system, to enhance it with their additional software services of smart home solutions. The NIF-software and cloud-based services will be open through FIWARE-GEs for our B2B-costumers to be connected with their additional software services.


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