Onacci offers a new consumer oriented digital service, a next generation social media network. Onacci will revolutionize the way people browse the Internet by bringing social media to each and every page on the net. Users will be able to meet each other, see how similar their interests are, and communicate in a much richer way than possible today. Onacci allows users to seamlessly get in touch with each other over a common context, e.g. a web page, a type of web page or an interest. The user interacts with other Internet users on a page by e.g. commenting on an article or drawing a doodle on a picture. If users want to talk directly to each other, it is possible through video or text, directly in the browser with Onacci.

Onacci is realized through three main software components: a browser extension, a backend cloud-based server system, and a web portal. The browser extension is instrumental in enabling Onacci to be available everywhere on the web, and it provides the main interface for users to the service. The web portal is used as a gateway for new users, presenting the service and allowing them to sign up. Existing users can get a feed showing a summary of what has happened on the Social Web since their last visit. The back-end server allows Onacci to profile users and connect them to each other.


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