Smart Cities are powered by information streams. The jobs of many people rely on accurate and timely information about opinions – among them product developers and business developers, journalists, researchers and politicians. Yet, there is no one place that provides the latest information about public opinion easily, valid and fast. sentibar closes that gap. sentibar uses smart algorithms to collect information about opinions and attitudes from surveys and opinion polls. sentibar starts as a news aggregator and will gradually add features towards creating a proper data hub. The data hub offers users access to survey results and to complete data sets.

Interactive visualization and reporting are further features that improve the user experience. The vision is that we enhance data quality, provide data access and therefore improve the opportunities for action of our users. But sentibar does not stop there. We are passionate about surveys and we want to reveal hidden information. Users provide us with their interests so that we can deliver tailored information products. We see who is interested in the same topics and we can use this information to connect people with the same interests, building powerful knowledge clusters for Smart Cities around opinion data.


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