Our slogan is “UAV to Web to User”! “SKYSCAN” comprises a combination of a hardware device and a software solution. An UAV, collecting big data by different choices of sensors, transferring them into a cloud, processing them and getting the information provided by a web based user frontend. For the initial business model, we are focussed on an inspection UAV, being on missions for inspection companies and collecting images to evaluate the state of immovable properties or large scaled plants. We are keen to create an unique hardware-software combination linked to an intelligent and economical workflow, also providing a strong impact for later staged humanitarian missions.

SKYSCAN and its product is approaching one of the worldwide strongest growing markets. Experts certifying the UAV market as a Billion Dollar market within the next couple of years. With 5 degreed members our team shows a brought variety of skills. From the programmers via experienced technical project designers to the seasoned business advisor with a record of many projects and several own companies worldwide. Many years of experience as entrepreneurs and the diverse structure at our team with each team member being a master in his field, accompanied with our already running businesses in this field, guarantees that we can achieve a high level product with big development opportunities.


scyscan_Matthias AllendorfMatthias Allendorf

scyscan_Haydar BiyikHaydar Biyik

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