IBSfri is working with treatment of IBS wich is a gastrointestinal disease that affects 15-20 % of the population worldwide with symptoms like bloating, pain etc. In 2014 we launched the first version of treatment online based on the nutritional-treatment FODMAP. Our main objective, using FIcontent technology, is to develop an interactive social platform, complementing the digital IBS-treatment, and to launch it in the European countries during the next two years. A real challenge when following the FODMAP diet is to find restaurants with food customized to FODMAP. Using FIcontent social network makes it possible for the users to find restaurants with food customized to FODMAP.

It also gives the possibility for the users to pinpoint and recommend places to eat or stores offering suitable products for IBS. We also aim to stream content and lectures for users of the IBSfri website or mobile application. The team of IBSfri consist of Jeanette and Sofia who are the founders and reg. dietitians. Sophie is a very creative Content editor with entrepreneur experience. Daniel is our Web developer with 10 years of experience, currently in charge of developing the IBSfri website. The team has been working closely together since the start and feel confident in each other regarding competence, personality and the ability to work towards the same goal.


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