Worldfavor Mobile Application

Worldfavor Mobile Application is an application for individual stakeholders, such as consumers or other individuals, looking to know the environmental and social work and performance of companies. The mobile application utilizes the sustainability data of companies sourced from the already existing and growing Worldfavor database, and makes the data easily accessible to individuals through their mobile phone. Geolocation technology will allow users to identify companies that are nearby in their everyday movements, and thereby view the sustainability information on these companies

When a company has not yet added sustainability information to Worldfavor, the individuals will be able to encourage the company by asking for the information, thus giving strong incentives for the company to provide their information. Companies will be able to understand which sustainability topics are most important to their stakeholders. FI-WARE technologies are used to provide context-aware functionality and geo-spatial searches to the user, specifically with the help of the Orion Context Broker and POI Data Provider technologies.


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