Abutter – synonym for neighbour – ensures that customers never miss a parcel delivery to their private address anymore. The system combines online shoppers, who want their delivery as fast as possible but are out for work and not at home, and their neighbours who are at home (e.g. for parental leave, as senior citizen or in home office). The nearby available neighbour is found by utilization of satellite-based local allocation. The election can be done prior to shipment, i.e. during checkout at an online store, or even in real-time while delivery from the depot to home. Besides abutter, the online shoppers (get their delivery right away), the neighbours (get rewarded for receiving the parcels), the parcel services (are able to deliver on first try) and online merchants (rely on timely delivery) will benefit. Even drones are supported because the neighbours are able to open the door to collect the delivery from them. Abutter is a C2C marketplace matching consumers and their neighbours. The neighbourhood gets into focus and the people care about the people living beside. By accepting parcels neighbours get compensation and can secure additional income. Abutter will unite neighbours all over the world and foster mutual trust and is part of the share economy. Abutter – parcel delivery on first try via nice neighbours nearby!


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