Smart City Planning is based on data analytics. The CardNanny project will help making sophisticated decisions by  visualizing essential parts and giving single facts context. CardNanny is a mapping tool for POIs and areas (shapes) – and will be able to import data from other fi-based standard formats. One prototype for this kind of tool has been our project
We develop a framework of CARDNANNY including fine drawings of sources, backend and frontend. Our aim is to be able to show our idea by using real open data to interested people via a special website and to present it to possible clients. The uses case in all phases will be the map of germany.

CARDNANNY will be able to:
import SHP-Files (standard area mapping format)
import Point of Interest databases
import data from CKAN-Based data sources
visualize data points based on OpenStreetMap and other mapping Tools
visualize 2 or maybe more layers
maps can be embedded into other websites via iFrames
provide an easy way to enrich existing data with custom data
With CARDNANNY we’ll be able to create visualisations that help making sophisticated decisions for Smart City Projects.


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