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The digitalisation of moving image productions and their distribution has produced a whole range of new media services in recent years that – with YouTube at the fore – have led to a veritable boom in video content. Above all, a new generation of filmmakers is using the possibilities of modern technology to their own benefit: Many vloggers and young production companies, as well as cultural initiatives, local NGOs and companies produce large quantities of high-quality video material about events in their cities or relating to news from specific content areas on a daily basis. Material that could be very interesting for professional users such as media online portals, TV stations or publishers.

However, the exchange between new and established video producers remains difficult, as the possibilities for targeted searching for regional or specialised content on conventional video platforms is severely limited. Moreover, the very open nature of the content often results in large uncertainties in relation to copyright and licensing rights. A professional, systematic exchange between suppliers and consumers is therefore not possible. We want to enable this exchange with our project. It will act as a digital exchange for local and specialist video productions on which producers can actively market their content. Users are offered a clearer, more professional and legally secure service.


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