Croffee = Crowd Funding for Educational Events

Croffee helps fans to meet their favorite teacher or artist by providing them a platform to crowd source their events, share with friends and invite their idol to their hometown. Croffee helps seminar facilitators, speakers, musicians – artists and instructors of any craft – to reach new, larger target audiences. It can be risky to offer seminars or concerts in uncharted waters. Booking venues and traveling is expensive. Many instructors and artists are freelancers, their income often fluctuates. Croffee provides a solution for all these problems at once.

Croffee helps speakers and artists to plan entire educational tours, ensuring that their travel is worthwhile and that they will get paid before the event. They can sell course and concert tickets, workshops and consulting time months upfront.
For audiences, it allows them to have first-hand interaction with their mentor, trainer or speaker without having to travel far away from home. It’s far more cost effective for the speaker to come to them, rather than the other way around. Croffee is also an ideal market research tool for event organisers; it’s possible for organisers to see whether their event will be a success before having to commit to any of the details.


croffee_Simon SmaluhnSimon Smaluhn

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