Data Flow

Thanks to the Open Government / Open Data movements, administrations in many jurisdictions are publishing their data for citizens and companies to use. This is laudable – however, it’s not as useful as it could be. Publishing documents or datasets makes their reuse cumbersome and hard to organize. Transforming those data sources into a continous streaming data service that can be ingested, processed, visualized  and acted upon continuously will add value to those datasets.
We consider a set of one to three datasources as the minimum viable offering which we would dare to peddle to customers.

  • DATAFLOW will adds stream / event publishing to discontinuous open and closed data sources
  • Building on the Open Data / Open Government movement
  • providing Data Stream / Data Event publishing capabilities to Open Data portals
  • Enabling Data Stream publishing as a revenue source for businesses
  • Adding analysis / visualization services on top of the published data.


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