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Imagine you could influence positively your community, city or even your favourite companies with the data that you generate on a daily bases. If communities could do so, they could steer the way cities are planned and organized. Or simply imagine after doing sport, you could easily share your physical activity data with your health insurance and medics. You could receive a tailored service according to your needs. Personal data sharing is a current trend and it will continue to grow, most of this data is multimedia and it is mostly for entertaining purposes. What if one could do more with ones data? This would have a great impact. Wearables such as Smart Watches and Smart Wristbands have already interesting applications, but there is a big room for innovation for the end user.

We believe that wearables will become mainstream and we want to build a software solution for it. Wearables and Smartphones generate sensor data. We want to build an new generation application that enables users to share this data not just with friends, but also with their communities and open data portals. Our focus will be on user data privacy and security. With our application users will be the only ones who decide which data to share and with whom. For developing our Android based application we will use the FIWARE. This platform is useful for this project because it provides an open and free framework with specific tools for the backend of our application.


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Simple Data Sharing for Wearables