irality is a platform that connects IoT devices on a cloud level and provides cross-device use cases to the users. By creating a digital context that makes sense of the information around the user, context-aware cross-device scenarios support the users in their daily lives. Those use cases are developed in close cooperation with users and hardware partners. irality thereby bridges the gap between just connected and actually smart. It is enabled by an innovative usage model that takes away the complexity of home automation and makes it easy to use for everyone.


iralty_Maximilian SchmiedelMaximilian Schmiedel is a Production Engineer with a background in Production Management Consulting. For over two years he has been leading the team of a company in the field of home automation, and was responsible for its strategy.

iralty_Sebastian RöschSebastian Rösch is an IT Engineer with a background in Smart Home research. He is a full stack developer with vast experience in cloud, web and mobile development on all major platforms for over ten years.

iralty_Tim HarenbergTim Harenberg is an Industrial Engineer who founded his first company before he even finished school. He is responsible for the partner management.

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