Today, hardly any threat to the oceans is as visible as the pollution of water by plastic waste debris. In less than 100 years, the initially highly acclaimed material has changed our blue planet irretrievably. Today far too much plastic ends up in our rivers, lakes and oceans. Nevertheless, only recently the plastic pollution has been recognized as an emerging problem. But while each one of us can help to tackle this problem, many people do not know how they can contribute. There is a lack of communication and for this reason our project will create a new interactive information and exchange platform.

In blogs and forums questions such as, “Why are plastics dangerous? What can I do to help?” will be discussed. We will visualize events and opportunities for participation, good practice examples and integrate maps, pictures and videos. This platform will not only make the common man aware of the hazards plastics pose on our environment but, other stakeholders such as politicians, NGOs, entrepreneurs and scientists will be involved to support and undertake the exchange of their goals. Conservation begins at home and we will help to make it possible.


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