Due to different social phenomenon and especially the ageing of Europe, there is an in increasing need for different types of caregiving services, esp. in a modern urban environment (Smart City), starting from rather simple tasks of observing some daily activities (e.g. controlling breathing of caretaker during walking), till detecting some critical behaviour of caretakers (e.g. falling down). We argue that smart cities, as places where an enormous majority of caretakers live, have to provide a solid infrastructure for the realization of such caregiving services, especially through the provision of different types of information which are relevant for caretakers and their health status: (location, activity type, heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, fall detection, environmental conditions).

We propose a mobile solution which will reuse the smart city information infrastructure for the provisioning of monitoring-based caregiving services based on a novel technology for hybrid complex event processing, partially implemented using FIWARE technology, which enables continuous personalized and proactive monitoring of caretakers, including alarming caregivers and families before some critical situation might happen. The main goal is to increase the quality of life and safety of caretakers, but also their families who will be very interested in paying for such remote monitoring. The system will be provided as Solution as a Service, including a mobile app, server-side and web-portal parts, with the main revenue streams coming from subscription fees and advertisement.


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