At ReTreat we are developing software, which is used together with a wearable tracker in order to constantly measure, analyze and display user’s emotions. The goal is to provide our users with a highly personalized monitoring of emotions, treatment and feedback.

ReTreat system is not only going to help our patients to understand their emotions better, but also allow professional therapists to improve the effectiveness of their treatment. Our application connects to professional health care institutions, and allows real time biometrical data monitoring. Thus, in the long-term this data can be used to track changes, develop new drugs, test and improve treatment methods.

Biometrical data records in the ReTreat application are going to be integrated with other types of information, such as current activities, agenda, location and others. The system is self-learning, for that reason it improves over time and provides more accurate suggestions.

To sum up, the combination of Retreat application and a biometrical data tracker enables its users to receive immediate feedback and take actions to make it tangible and controllable. In the future ReTreat System can be applied not only for healthcare sector but also marketing recommendations, road safety, video games and professional sports.


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