We want to create a software suite that is able to analyze data (historic and real time) and create written stories out of it. We use scrapers or (where possible) API data consumer applications on FIWARE server infrastructure to gather sets of data – traffic information for instance needs to be turned into a consistent database format via an API. Environmental sensors are another exciting source of data, e.g. air quality sensors – these are increasingly available through real-time interfaces.

For a first prototype we want to focus on readily available information from the authorities in Hamburg. The list of available sources will be screened for easy availability, high data quality and frequency and public relevance.
The media profession is undergoing a crucial transformation – fewer and fewer resources are available, and yet they are needed more than ever as more and more channels need to be served and special interest content needs to be produced. New device categories such as smart watches or data glasses about to become ubiquitous. Usage habits increasingly depend on their various devices – and go hand in hand with shortening attention spans as news streams like Facebook’s and Twitter’s become commonplace. This in turn leads to a new expectation towards media contents: relevant news need to find their way to the reader – not the other way around.


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