Spontano is a smart city concept that aims to enable spontaneity in the entertainment industry by providing personalized recommendations to users of what to do in the next 48 hours. Spontano graduated from the STING accelerator in Stockholm and has been live with their iPhone and Android apps since fall 2014.  During a prestudy done summer -14, we learned that lack of relevance is a key blocker of spontaneous bookings in the current service. Currently Spontano provides a cur-ated list of events and activities happening in Stockhol-m. Now the challenge is to make the experience relev-ant for each individual user. This means catering for the unique user’s interests, location and demographics to show only the most relevant events and activities. Through FI-WARE technology, Spontano are enabled to crunch large sets of data and construct a scalable, automated recommendations engine that is required to give each user a relevant experience in our apps as we scale up. Already collecting heaps of data from both external sources and user actions in the iPhone and Android apps, the FI-WARE platform enable us to buil-d, test and deploy efficient big data methodologies to gain insights. The resulting insights will enable Sponta-no to scale in the current geographics and beyond, with the utmost goal of making Spontano a global success and a key driver within the entertainment sector.


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