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A fill-sensor for waste-containers. Collection of waste will be at least 30% more efficient, if you would know how full a container really is. And what about the messy places where the containers are full and people can only place their waste around the container.

The Seebat is a sensor that measures how full a waste-container is and reports this to a central website called the Webforest. A clear overview in a map of these containers with their current fill-level, makes it easy to plan the most efficient route for the trucks, to collect this waste. Because you know how much waste you have to collect, you can make the trucks’ routing

much more efficient. Trucks drive less kilometres to collect more waste. Less CO2 and no more annoyance when people have to squeeze their waste in containers that are already full.

The Seebat sensor has its own power supply and operates completely independent. Communication is done by standardized protocols with an existing network, or with the advanced FIWARE-network.

A small sensor in a waste-container will make the collection of waste far more efficient and will save tons of CO2 and thousands of kilometres.


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