SUNNYREV will be the first Marketplace for Solar Rooftops. It will eliminate the transaction inefficiencies in the traditional trade process of Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPA) and Solar Leases (SL), enabling a win-win condition both for Solar Services Providers and for Rooftop Owners.

SPPA and SL are contracts between a “Solar Services Provider” who owns, utilizes, and maintains the photovoltaic project, and a “Rooftop Owner” who delivers a designated location for the solar installation such as an unutilized rooftop.

In a SPPA, the Rooftop Owner agrees to purchase the energy output from the developer at a fixed price for a prearranged time period. In a Solar Lease, instead, the Rooftop Owner rents the solar equipment against a monthly remittance. In either cases, the Rooftop Owner is able to slash down his energy expenses drastically and notice long-term savings as current grid-electricity prices continue to increase. The Solar Services Provider pays for all the installation costs and is held responsible for the operation and maintenance of the project.

With SunnyRev, Rooftop Owners will be able to minimize the solar rate and maximize their savings by putting Producers in competition for their rooftops with a reverse auction mechanism. Bidding performed in real-time via the Internet will result in a dynamic, competitive process. This will help achieve rapid downward price pressure (energy price or lease remittance, depending of the case) that is not normally attainable using traditional static paper-based bidding processes. At the same time, Producers will reduce costs and timing for acquiring new clients.


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