We are strong believers that no team will ever be effective unless it has the right people with the right skills on it.

The five professionals forming up our team come from a variety of work fields and have deep knowledge of their own are of work. What is more important, we have worked together for quite a long time and there is a strong sense of rapport between us.

Needless to say, we are all fully committed to this project and willing to give our best effort to make it a successful one.

Jose Antonio, our team leader, has a master degree in telecommunications engineering and a broad background in his field as well as project management.

Javier and Mauro are also engineers but while the former specialized in hardware and electronic development, the latter focused on computer science with 14 years of experience in space technology.

Libe and David, on the other hand, cover another field of work. She studied advertising and PR and focused on corporate communication on a professional level, while David has a degree in business management and marketing, and relevant experience in the field.


Susf_Mauro GarcíaMauro García

susf_David E. PajaresDavid E. Pajares

susf_José Antonio Pérez-MariscalJosé Antonio Pérez-Mariscal

susf_Javier NúñezJavier Núñez

susf_Libe AguayoLibe Aguayo

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