The use of virtual reality for the presentation of sports is quite a new application deployed in the last 20 years. With the development and distribution of smartphones nowadays (and smartglasses in near future), the numbers of possibilities are growing. In the field of augmented reality, there are in particular some gaps to fill, so the idea was born to use our expertise in geo-tracking and data-management-systems to provide augmented reality application for sports presentation.

Smartphones are all around in the city. Using a small environment like a sporting event gives us precious experiences for future use, leading us to a common use of this technology in a smarter city.

Traqmy.sports is an all in one geo-tracking solution for outdoor sports like running, cycling, skiing, sailing or motorsports. Collecting geo-data from many mobile devices, the web-based application provides processed data for different uses.

  1. A web-application for the event manager providing him all informations, that helps him observing or directing the event.
  2. A web-application for home-audiences virtually following the sports event.
  3. A mobile-application using augmented reality to provide extra information to on-site audiences.


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