We are developing a mobile app that helps business travellers to capture travel expenses and per diems faster and more intelligently.

Our app is smart and connected. Smart because it learns where you travel to. This makes capturing receipts much faster as the app automatically makes intelligent suggestions for required data (e.g. issuers, classifications, and many more). And it even calculates your per diems from your receipts.

It’s connected with you co-workers, your boss and accountants, and even with your Taxi driver’s smartphone or ticket machines of public transport. This makes communication with everyone involved in the travel expense process much easier and faster.

On top of that, our app is built on an extremely flexible framework which makes it easy to set up a customised app for our clients. Our app can truly adapt to the client’s processes and IT-infrastructure. Furthermore, thanks to the flexible framework we can set up our app for clients in minutes, saving our clients huge upfront costs and tedious implementation projects.

Want to learn more about Teneo? Contact us at info@teneoapp.de.


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