For thousands of years, it has been the job of libraries to preserve knowledge for future generations. Printed books are the bricks which the house of our human knowledge is built of. But libraries simply cannot digitise all their books; the British Library, for instance, has 150 million books which can be ordered.

In the scope of this project, we will develop the perfect mobile app to search for books and order them. We want to combine the possibilities of FI-WARE, cloud infrastructure and open-source technology to build an extraordinary user experience.

Once the right book has been found, all it takes is one click to order the book from the library of your choice. We will develop a framework to connect the interfaces of different types of Integrated Library Systems (ILS). Our solution will send you a push notification when your book is ready for pickup.

We want to build a great book app which will allow you to like books, recommend books to your friends and get updates from your favourite libraries. The app is designed for a growing number of languages and different types of libraries. Therefore, students and other book lovers can use the app in different cities and countries to have access to the library system.


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